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Customized lanyards are often used in our lives, and the emergence of lanyards brings great convenience to our lives. Office workers need to wear ID badges with lanyards, students need to wear name holder with lanyards, some people use lanyards to carry keys, and many people use lanyards to carry mobile phones. And personalized high quality lanyards are rich in species and materials, for instance, polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards, etc. 

SoulCommonly Used Custom Lanyard Types

Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway lanyards have a plastic clip around your neck. They can give away when lanyards are yanked. Others have rubber breakaways at the lower part of the umbilical cord and loosen when pulling. One thing these custom  lanyards have in common is a fast loosening clasp that can be opened to prevent choking.
breakaway lanyards

ID Lanyards

Using ID lanyards to wear documents is one of the most popular and common ways. When you hang your identity badges on your chest with lanyards, others can identify you at a glance, and you can also show your ID quickly and conveniently, especially when you pass a security checkpoint.
ID lanyards

Cell Phone Lanyard

where there is demand, there is a market. phone lanyard is a way to carry a phone and a way to protect it. Through cell phone neck lanyard, we can hang the phone around our neck or tie it to our wrists, which is easy to carry on and prevent to be stolen. And, a detachable cell phone lanyard has a variety of styles, you can choose the one you like to highlights your personality.
Cell Phone Lanyard

Key Lanyards

Key lanyards are usually made up of a lanyard tied to an iron ring, Key lanyards' lanyards are no different from other uses of lanyards, What distinguishes key lanyards from others are the attachments. Customizing key lanyards for different occasions can consider using different attachments like ring loop, lobster claw and so on .
Key Lanyards

SoulWhat Materials are Used in Lanyards?

Depending on their use, they match different attachments. And there are many kinds of materials and printing processes used in the different kinds of personalized lanyards.

Polyester Lanyard:

Polyester lanyard is divided according to their making material. Polyester lanyard is one of the most common and popular lanyards, because polyester lanyard is good in quality and low in price.

The polyester lanyard is comfortable and has good sweat absorption and easy to be cleaned and polyester lanyard is suitable for athletes, workshop workers, etc. The pattern you want can be easily printed on the polyester lanyard. polysester lanyard is a good choice for customers with tight costs and budgets. Polyester lanyard is cheaper than nylon lanyard.

polyester lanyards
nylon lanyards

Nylon Lanyards:

Nylon lanyards are one of the best quality lanyards, They felt thick and looked smooth and glossy. Due to the high quality and durability of the nylon lanyards, they can be used in a variety of applications and situations. They can also be attached to a variety of colors. They are generally used in large conferences and formal occasions. Nylon lanyard is more expensive than polyester lanyard.


Dye Sublimated Lanyards:

Dye Sublimated Lanyards are classified according to the printing process. They are usually made of polyester and uses dye sublimated printing process, which can realize multicolor printing, and both picture and complex design can be completed by this technology. 

The whole surface of the dye-sublimated lanyards is very smooth and comfortable to wear on the neck. Since the fuel is dyed into the lanyards material, don't worry about the color falling off. One of its weaknesses is that it has poor air permeability. When you attend some special occasions, dye-sublimated lanyards are the ideal choice.

dye sublimated lanyards
woven lanyards

Woven Lanyards:

Woven lanyards are also named by the printing process. Its process is made by computer jacquard, through wire weaving to make fonts. Also known as jacquard lanyards. The font design on the lanyards are generally relatively simple and is not suitable for printing complex fonts. And the printed font on the ribbon is permanently valid. Woven lanyards are also made of affordable polyester materials.


Tublar Lanyards:

The shape of Tubular lanyards is similar to the shoe strap, also known as a hollow belt, with a hollow in the middle. This kind of lanyards has a good load-bearing because it has a certain amount of elasticity and can ease the load on the neck and bear heavier objects. They also have a strong anti-fouling capability,Because they are made of polyester, they can dry quickly after being wet.

Tublar Lanyards

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